HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

That feeling of incredible enthusiasm and zest which occurs when you set up a company could very soon turn into a worry if the initial setup of operations has not been done properly. The way companies set their foundations can ease further company progress, but could quickly become an obstacle for development if all aspects of doing business have not been timely taken into account.


Setting up a basis for HR processes in a proper way will help a company deal with new challenges successfully while moving forward. Accordingly, when the time comes for growth, transformation, downsizing or restructuring, leaders could face new challenges appropriately with the help of HR consultants.


Our HR consultancy services could be divided into the following categories:

Hire and Onboard Serbian Talents Easily


Core HR Processes

HR Services Set-up | HR process outsourcing | Legal support & HR administrationHR projects & advisory


Salary Report


Employees Assistance Programme


Career Guidance & Counseling


Talent Advisory Services

Talent Management

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