An important aspect of successful companies’ business strategy is retaining and attracting the right talents. No matter in which development stage they are, companies base their success on the quality of their employees. In small companies like start-ups, people who come first to a company have a key role in the success of a company, and sometimes the success of a whole venture depends on whether adequate knowledge, motivation and compatibility of employees matched. When a system develops and evolves, a leadership approach will inspire employees to contribute better to their company results with their own ideas.

Companies which notice the importance of investing in their employees on time are the ones who achieve remarkable results and become recognizable as attractive employers. We will mention some of the programs which could contribute to better employees’ satisfaction, and consequently better employees’ engagement:

Talent Management

A strategy sets the direction; people set the pace

Setting the right framework for talent management strategy must rely on a business strategy of a company and its internal culture. Processes like performance management, succession planning, and company’s efforts to create an environment which stimulates employees’ engagement must be allied with a good employment strategy, and employer branding. When you harmonize all of that in the right way, such synergy will create perfect results for a company, and its employees.

Employees Assistance Programme

Employees Assistance Program (EAP) is a free and confidential counselling service which companies offer to their employees to support their wellbeing at the workplace and in their private lives. Depending on an agreement with an employer, EAP could be expanded to the closest family members as well. Employees Assistance Program provides individual and group support and help regarding private lives and business issues which could affect the fulfilment with themselves and their life, personal wellbeing, work achievement and complete mental health. Counselling within an employee’s assistance program has a mission to help employees:

  • During crises (be it a family or workplace crisis);
  • Identify and explore options for solving rising issues;
  • Empower employees to be able to participate in the prevention of problems actively;
  • Find inner capacities for smooth everyday functioning.

Events and questions which may stimulate a company to provide employee’s assistance program are the following (but not limited to them):

Workplace issues

Relationships with co-workers, work performance, conflict and anger management, adapting to changes in the workplace, stress management.

Personal issues

Grief and loss, anxiety and depression, middle life crisis and lifespan changes, emotional or physical abuse, low self-esteem, substance abuse, gambling problems, anger management, concerns regarding children, parenthood and adoption questions, relationships with foster children, separation and divorce, domestic violence.

Jaka Lounge consultants are licenced psychotherapists with experience and specialized knowledge for providing quality service for employees’ assistance programs aimed at employers of all sizes and industries.

Besides psychotherapeutic experience, consultants-psychotherapists who are part of the employees’ assistance programs have experience in a corporate environment, so they understand business settings very well.

We know that each company is different and that every workplace has its own specifics; therefore, it is necessary to adjust the program’s structure, establish principles of referring employees to counselling and make a plan for the promotion of the program within a company. Everything will be conducted in accordance with individual needs of each company, its preferences and all other unique cultural characteristics of an organization.

Career Transition

Years of working experience in a particular area are not a guarantee that we have really found ourselves and our true career path. Whether we have achieved remarkable results or we have been feeling underestimated all the time, and as if we have failed to fulfil our own potential, it could happen that a moment comes when we could realize it is time for a change.

Professional orientation is a popular approach with children and adolescents when they are choosing their further education, but it is rather uncommon that adults who already have working experience question their career choices. The reason for that could be pressure from surroundings, personal insecurity or a wish to stay consistent with our initial choice. People who have the courage to admit that the present moment is not what they actually expected from themselves, usually make their first step to change their present jobs.

Applying for various jobs advertised in different companies could be a challenging process. How to write a CV, choose the right vacancy and a company, present yourself in an interview after so many years of working in the same company, all of these are new situations which could bring additional frustration especially if success does not come after a few attempts.

Through a detailed analysis of motivation, expectations, interests and capabilities, our psychologists can help you direct your plans in the right direction, which will bring results. An analysis of your CV and self-presentation on an interview will give us enough information so we could advise you about the areas you need to improve and the ones which are adequate and which you can additionally emphasize.