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Talent Development September 8, 2023

Effective Questions for Recruiters to Ask Hiring Managers

Recruiters play a vital role in bridging the gap between job seekers and hiring managers. When collaborating with hiring managers to understand and fill a new vacancy, effective communication is key. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just starting out, here are essential questions to ask your hiring manager to ensure a successful recruitment process. […]

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Self-development December 28, 2022

Customer service skills – are they underrated?

I’m sure you’ve all turned to customer support at least once for help – whether it’s a search for information, a complaint, an internet problem, or something else. What experience have you had in those situations? Did the person on the other side understand your problem, solve it, and be patient and pleasant? That feeling […]

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Job Seeking November 29, 2022

How can you know that you’ve made the right decision after the job interview: cognitive biases

Living and working in our time and age means that we are constantly exposed to various streams of information and expected to quickly adjust and respond to it. Being faced with such a challenging task, our cognitive system is often pressured to make shortcuts, without even consulting us. For example, you’ve probably had a colleague […]

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Nemanja Milovanović

Senior Project Manager at Nordex Group

Approachable, friendly and at the same time very professional. Jaka team is great at creating a pleasant atmosphare while getting the best from the candidates. The team provided great support, comunicated clearly and in a timely manner during the entire process. It was my pleasure to cooperate with Jaka team.

Tamara Radojević

HR Business Partner at Gorgias

Since I joined Gorgias, almost a year ago now, Jaka Lounge has been an amazing support in day to day work, making sure things run smooth and everything gets done in time!
We have developed a great relationship and now I feel like they are part of the team.
Thank you for your support and going above and beyond to help with any (crazy) tasks that we might have! I hope we continue to collaborate in the future, and we would certainly recommend Jaka to all the companies!

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