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HR admin April 9, 2024

Employment in Serbia: A Comprehensive Guide

In recent years, Serbia has become an increasingly attractive destination for businesses seeking to expand their operations into Eastern Europe and, more broadly, into Europe, especially for companies headquartered in the US. With its strategic location, skilled workforce, and developing regulatory environment, Serbia offers a promising opportunity for companies looking to tap into new markets […]

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Talent Development September 8, 2023

Effective Questions for Recruiters to Ask Hiring Managers

Recruiters play a vital role in bridging the gap between job seekers and hiring managers. When collaborating with hiring managers to understand and fill a new vacancy, effective communication is key. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just starting out, here are essential questions to ask your hiring manager to ensure a successful recruitment process. […]

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Self-development December 28, 2022

Customer service skills – are they underrated?

I’m sure you’ve all turned to customer support at least once for help – whether it’s a search for information, a complaint, an internet problem, or something else. What experience have you had in those situations? Did the person on the other side understand your problem, solve it, and be patient and pleasant? That feeling […]

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Nemanja Milovanović

Senior Project Manager at Nordex Group

Approachable, friendly and at the same time very professional. Jaka team is great at creating a pleasant atmosphare while getting the best from the candidates. The team provided great support, comunicated clearly and in a timely manner during the entire process. It was my pleasure to cooperate with Jaka team.

Mirjana Grbić

Office Manager at Easy Aerial Inc.

For me, the HR Operations Academy represents the foundation and the first step in my HR career. The concept was carefully designed to engage participants from the very beginning, motivating them to interact with each other, and creating an atmosphere that completely eliminates the feeling of online education. Apart from concrete and very meaningful lessons, the invaluable value of this academy comes from the exchange of experiences among the participants. Therefore, I think that the academy is very useful for both beginners and experienced people. The handbook that participants receive after the training is an excellent guide that every HR professional should have on hand at all times. I would also like to mention the very pleasant approach of the educator Milica, who knew exactly how to recognize the dynamics of the group and make our education very interesting and encourage us to be productive.

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