If you work in IT sector, you have surely noticed that it has been harder and harder to attract good candidates lately. Maybe you’ve also noticed large staff turnovers happening and you are worried about retaining your valuable employees. Perhaps you haven’t noticed any of these things and you are a representative of a company that is just about to settle on Serbian market: you are not sure how to attract the best employees and where to turn for insider information on our market.

Whether you are having troubles with attracting and retaining candidates, or you are a new player on the market – we can help you.

By analyzing inputs from employees working in 80 IT companies operating in Serbia (startups, corporations and outsource/offshore companies), we created a detailed report with salary ranges and benefits for 30 different positions in IT industry. These positions are in various fields: Software Development, QA, DevOps & CloudOps, Agile and Project Management, Customer Experience & CRM platforms, Data Solutions, Human Resources, Marketing and Office Management. The report also contains motivation analysis of both employees wanting to change their current position and the ones that are not interested in change.

By purchasing our report, you can get valuable insight into our market and expectations of IT professionals. You can gain better understating of employees’ attrition and create better strategies for attracting future candidates. If you currently can’t satisfy market’s financial demands – don’t despair! There are still things you can do to position yourself as attractive employer that are not necessarily related to finance and you can find them in our report.

Creating engaging job proposals, attracting the best employees and taking good care of your top performers sure is demanding – let us help you with that.