In the ideal case, a company will set up its HR system as a strategic business function as soon as it starts its operations. When it is designed properly, no matter whether it is a small number of procedures or a complex process structure, the function of an HR system is to ease employees’ work, growth and development within a company, all through quality communication, organisation and people-oriented leadership.

Depending on company needs, HR setup services could cover the following areas:

  • Organizational development – providing support in establishing organizational capability to achieve results through alignment of a company strategy, processes, people and metrics
  • Performance management – adjusting an appraisal system to the goals and culture of a company
  • Learning & development – programs aimed at developing and supporting successful team collaboration
  • Recruitment & selection – defining an appropriate recruitment and selection process and procedure
  • Compensations & benefits – a remuneration and rewards system defined to keep quality employees and attract top talents from the market
  • Legislative – defining procedures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and a company culture
  • Administrative processes – defining all relevant documents in accordance with legislation, and training a competent person who will be in charge of the smooth functioning of this process
  • Internal communication – defining processes and principles of internal communication based on the culture of a company
  • Reporting – adjusting and optimising/automatizing the reporting process for the management of a company and other relevant sectors
  • Health and wellbeing – setting up a support system for employees’ physical wellbeing and psychological and emotional health

Taking into consideration the strategy of your company, planned number of employees, and goals, our consultants will give you the best suggestion for establishing an HR system in accordance with your company needs and will suggest development by phases which will be fully adjusted to a growth plan of your company.