Stressed and tired from the job search? You’ve come to the right place!

Jaka Lounge offers a range of services around Career Guidance and Counselling.

We understand that job search and career changes are some of the most stressful challenges. We also understand that it is completely normal to be skeptical during challenging times and to carefully evaluate whom you should trust for guidance and support during this process.

So far, you’ve probably come across many counselors and practitioners who are offering their services. You may even be confused about how to choose from such a diverse pool. To help you with that, we’ve listed some of the things that you get by choosing us as your counselors:

  • You get both market insights and top-notch counseling- On top of being mental health and education professionals, Jaka Lounge consultants have hands-on experience with recruitment and selection for various big names on the market, as well as with bi-annual market research. This means that you won’t have to choose between top-notch counseling on how to mentally prepare for selection and market insights- we can give you both!
  • You get a tailor-made solution for your career stage and goals- Before going ahead, we will first carefully evaluate your needs and goals. We don’t offer bland, generic solutions for everyone. Instead, we will evaluate your current situation and hurdles carefully and offer you services accordingly.
  • You get highly personalized counseling- Although we adjust our services based on the career stage you are in, we are also fully aware that there are great differences between individuals of similar seniority. Not every senior or junior struggles with the same thing- there are always highly individual needs, and we are keeping our eyes open to spot them and adjust to them!
  • You get responsive, attentive counselors- Jaka Lounge is known for delivering high-quality, premium solutions. If we believe that we can’t offer you our full attention, we simply won’t lead you on and take you as a client. Working with us means that you will get a boutique experience- we are highly responsive and tentative to our clients!

To further help you with finding the right fit, we’ve created counseling packages designed to cover the most common issues that our clients come with. Of course, we will tune these packages further once we learn more about your needs.

Alternatively, you can choose specific services, from our comprehensive list below.

Counseling packages:

  • Career Launch– Designed for the ones who are just starting. If you are feeling unsure about your workplace preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, and if the first interviews and selection processes seem nerve-wracking- this package is for you.
  • Transition Trailblazer- Designed for the ones who are changing their career direction. If you are gaining the courage to test out the new waters, or are struggling with how to come up with a meaningful story about your job change for the hiring managers- this package is for you.
  • Career Revival- Designed for the ones who haven’t changed their position in a while. If you are preparing to enter the selection processes after a long period, and feeling like you are out of the loop- this package is for you.
  • Career Scaling- Designed for the ones who are currently stuck between two alternatives. If you have two different offers that seem compelling, or if you are considering applying for positions that can launch you on very different paths- this package is for you.
  • Career Boost- Designed for those who are interested in career advancements. If you are currently looking for a more senior role within your field, or are looking for ways to advance within your current company- this package is for you.
  • Relocation package- Designed for those who want to try their luck abroad. If you are currently applying for roles overseas, or maybe you already hold such an offer- this package is for you.

If you are not interested in getting an entire package of services, and you are more interested in getting some of our services, instead of the full range, you can mix and match from the list below:

  • CV Analysis: Get your CV reviewed by professionals who’ve been through thousands (probably, who keeps count?) of CVs so far. This service includes a detailed analysis of your CV in the context of your preferred job position, as well as advice on how you can put your best foot forward.
  • CV Creation: The job market has gone through serious changes in recent periods. Including AI in the selection and rapid oscillations between massive layoffs and hiring in various industries created various streams of contradictory advice for job seekers. In this situation, it is perfectly normal not to be sure where to even begin when writing your CV. Unburden yourself and delegate this task to professionals who’ve worked in hiring through it all.
  • LinkedIn RevUp: Including LinkedIn on your CV and job application form has become a norm. Don’t let a neglected profile hold you back from your dream position. Going through LinkedIn profiles daily, we have a well-trained eye for detail and are well aware of what information employers are looking for.
  • Cover Letter Creation: Writing a compelling and comprehensive narrative that will make you stand out from the crowd of applicants is surely challenging. Again, being the ones on the other side, we can create the ideal cover letter for your profile that will turn many Recruiters your way.
  • Counseling session: If you want to systematically review your experiences, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, you can schedule a counseling session. Perhaps, you are not in need of a comprehensive package (above) to help you with your career trajectory. You may be just one little push away from gaining clarity and confidence in your choices!
  • Interview simulation: Again, being the ones who are doing the interviewing daily, we know what interviewers are looking for. Through interview simulation, you will gain necessary practice and confidence, as well as insights into the interviewer’s perspective. Don’t let anyone surprise you with unexpected questions or tasks!
  • Interview simulation- recorded: Practice makes perfection. We can record our simulations for you to re-watch, re-analyze, re-think, and rehearse. Decenter from your perspective, and observe your interviewing behavior from another person’s point of view.

Choose one of our packages or mix & match one of our services and boost your career. Feel free to contact us, we are eager to discuss your needs further!