Years of working experience in a particular area are not a guarantee that we have really found ourselves and our true career path. Whether we have achieved remarkable results or we have been feeling underestimated all the time, and as if we have failed to fulfil our own potential, it could happen that a moment comes when we could realize it is time for a change.

Professional orientation is a popular approach with children and adolescents when they are choosing their further education, but it is rather uncommon that adults who already have working experience question their career choices. The reason for that could be pressure from surroundings, personal insecurity or a wish to stay consistent with our initial choice. People who have the courage to admit that the present moment is not what they actually expected from themselves, usually make their first step to change their present jobs.

Applying for various jobs advertised in different companies could be a challenging process. How to write a CV, choose the right vacancy and a company, present yourself in an interview after so many years of working in the same company, all of these are new situations which could bring additional frustration especially if success does not come after a few attempts.

Through a detailed analysis of motivation, expectations, interests and capabilities, our psychologists can help you direct your plans in the right direction, which will bring results. An analysis of your CV and self-presentation on an interview will give us enough information so we could advise you about the areas you need to improve and the ones which are adequate and which you can additionally emphasize.