Staffing services are related to the process when companies are either outsourcing those services to external providers when their employees are engaged through external providers or when companies employ people for certain positions which are added to the core company processes. In this way, companies have an opportunity to hire employees in situations when hiring in a company is not possible due to various reasons like project-based work, seasonal needs, work in sectors which are not key activities of a company.

Outsourcing staffing service could be the right choice also when a company has a sudden and temporary need for additional workforce and does not have time to conduct a thorough and time-consuming employment process or when additional employees are needed due to the sales increase, long-term absences or continuous vacations at the same workplace.

From the moment when a company identifies positions for which it has to outsource staffing services, the whole process could be taken over by a staffing agency: recruitment and selection process for finding adequate people, and their employment through the same agency.

Benefits from outsourcing staffing services are different, and they depend on companies, and their strategic goals, the way they operate, internal employment policies, but each engagement through this type of services in Jaka Lounge Human Capital agency is in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia, clearly and transparently defined and always in a spirit of good, partner relationships for both sides, employees and companies.