Stress Management Online Training


Stress Management Online Training

Date: September 30th, 2020 from 11-13h
Location: Zoom online

Different life circumstances and unexpected events can lead to stress, and potentially health problems and daily functioning. Most of us are taught to fight stress and use different strategies to reduce stress, but what if we’ve been taught wrong? What if we’re not supposed to fight stress, just to better understand it? What if the stress itself was never a problem, but our attitude towards it?

What will you learn?

• How do Harvard researchers look at stress and what do the latest studies in this field tell us?
• What is the paradox of stress?
• Can we change our physiology with the help of proper mindset and how is it related to stress?
• How the development of WhatsApp, Instagram and the electron microscope is linked to stress?

We hope that with this training you will:

• Understand stress better and learn to accept it, not run away from it
• Use stress to your advantage
• Learn to stress better 😊

Who is this training for?

Everyone! To those of you who are currently stressed, those of you who were stressed until yesterday, but want to learn how not to be tomorrow, as well as those of you who are waiting for an important project in December that you are already stressed out about! 😊


Iva Miljić, Learning and Development Consultant

Free registration, number of participants limited

Call and find out more details +381 69 27 47 848

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