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Motivational Letter

Sometimes, as one of the first steps in the selection process, candidates are required to present a motivational letter with their biography. Like its name says, a motivational letter should be in the form of a letter explaining your motivation to apply to that particular position. We are describing a few helpful tips that might help you with this and make your writing easier.


A motivational letter serves as a complement to your CV. It allows you to present yourself better to a future employer and to get distinguished among other candidates. Therefore, do not discuss inputs which you already explained in your CV, but use this space to show that you are really interested in a company, as well as a specific job, and also emphasize your successes and achievements that you have not specified in your CV.


A motivational letter should be clear and compact. Make sure everything you have to say fits into one A4 page. Start with “Dear,” and ideally write to (Mr/Mrs/Ms and their last name) a manager of a sector which you are applying for. If you fail to find this information, you can refer to a company or HR team. Write in the first person, formally, but with a tone that calls for future cooperation.

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and briefly explain your reasons for applying.

Before you write a second paragraph, explore well a company that announced a vacancy and think why you want to work with them. Explain why you believe that position is appropriate for you and what are reasons, objectives, and achievements of a company that made you interested in building your career with them.

In the third paragraph, describe your knowledge and skills, describe them through examples, and clarify to your future employer which qualities you have that can help them. Write about your long-term goals, express enthusiasm for progress, and explain why you are better compared to other candidates.

Always end a letter with a nice greeting and an invitation to a live introduction. In your signature, leave contact information – email and phone number in case they want to contact you.

Before sending, be sure to read the letter and check all spelling errors. Write a letter in a language in which an ad has been published, and before sending it, be sure to save it as a PDF file.