Each leader is specific in their own way and transfers their authenticity to a new organisation. In order to continue to achieve exceptional results, leaders must find an environment that complies with their values. Similarly, experts in their area are generally recognized in their companies and rarely actively plan a change of employment, and will make career changes only if they find a more significant challenge in a new organisation.

With a detailed consultation with our clients, we define which values and qualities are needed for key positions, and we connect the right people with the right companies accordingly. Understanding a company strategy and culture gives us a professional approach and partner cooperation with our clients on one side and leaders and experts on the other.

So far, we have successfully linked quality professionals on executive positions with companies that needed to change management, or they realized they needed professionalization of executive functions.

Our long experience has shown that understanding of the technology and methodologies of the entire technical team is a key to find an adequate CTO. It is also very important to determine which development stage the company is in because sometimes extremely experienced corporate profiles fail to adapt to the start-up environments. Again, sometimes experience in innovative environments can encourage traditional teams to initiate their own creativity and achieve better results.

Experienced CFO knows all the secrets of business, so for quick adaptation, it is recommended to find a person from the same industry. On the other hand, financial experts who have the ability to quickly learn and analyze current processes, products, methods of delivery service, can very easily incorporate their knowledge even though they come from another industry. When a company clearly defines its expectations of that function, half of the job is already done in terms of the quality selection of these candidates.

The CEO has an extremely important role in the organization. If they come with a cold relationship and a directive leadership approach, or an open communication and looking at mistakes as a road to learning, it will be transferred onto an entire organization. That is why to find an adequate CEO is vital to understand the corporate culture, development plans and the challenges that the organization encounters.

Recently, some organizations have introduced functions like CLO (Chief Learning Officer) or CGO (Chief Growth Officer), but some are still holding traditional positions. Whichever executive C-level of function it is, entrust your executive search to the partner who understands the language of your organization and whose network of contacts in the relevant area is strong – like ours!