Forward-thinking organizations understand the need to attract and retain top talents as markets become more sophisticated, and high-quality talents are more challenging to find.

– According to CareerArc, 52% of job seekers first visit a company’s online properties – website, social media, etc. to gain insight on an employer brand identity and company culture.

Your employer brand is essentially an advertisement for your company – it is what prospective candidates see when they google your name or hear about you from an acquaintance.

– According to CareerBuilder 2013 Candidate Behaviour Study, 91% of candidates believe an employer brand impacts their decision on whether or not to apply for a specific job.

It is essential for organizations to build a business strategy around an employer brand to attract superior candidates.

What is an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is what people think, feel, and share about your company as a place to work. It is a perception of your organisation by both current and prospective employees.

What are the channels through which an employer brand is communicated?

  •  Your company website, especially About Us and Careers pages
  •  Internet presence (social media company profiles, communication on blogs, forums, online groups, etc.)
  • Live promotions (job fairs, public promotion of a company’s products, etc.)
  • Social media profiles of your employees (some employees communicate their satisfaction of employment within a company through their social media profiles)
  • Recruitment advertising on job portals and through job ads
  • Word of mouth starting from your employees
  • Candidate experience during the recruitment process

All these channels are vital for attracting talents, and each of them is equally important. If there is synergy between them, they could bring powerful results.

Employer Brand Enhancement

Building and communicating an employer brand involves a lot of planning and investment, but optimizing your approach helps save cost per hire and achieves a higher return on your investment.

Building an employer branding strategy combined with improving corporate culture are two very effective ways to start building positive reviews and establishing your company brand.

Jaka Lounge can support your employer branding strategy by:

  • Company culture design workshop
  • Company profile digital presence analysis
  • Enhancement of job advertisements and candidate experience