Jaka Lounge is looking for a Senior Reliability Data Scientist, for Holcim, a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. Holcim’s passionate and talented team is working towards creating more sustainable and greener cities, smarter infrastructure, and better living standards around the globe. Their current initiative, Plants of Tomorrow, aims to increase performance and reduce unnecessary product waste for a global network of integrated cement plants and grinding stations. So far, Holcim has achieved to deploy 800 applications across 180 plants, utilizing technologies from automation and robotics to AI and digital twins. They don’t mean to stop there- the plan is to reach more than 5,000 deployments by 2025. To realize this ambitious vision, Holcim needs expertise from a Senior Data Reliability Engineer, who will ensure the smooth integration of new and native technologies.

What is expected from this role?

  • Machine Learning model design- tuning, configuration and validation (configuration of models that identify mechanical/electrical failures from historical logs, development and deployment of a classifier model that predicts equipment failures and flagging risks and anomalies for predictive maintenance)
  • Creation of maintenance metrics to be displayed for the stakeholders, in the UI
  • Migration of the existing systems to the new platforms
  • Responsibility for the end-to-end lifecycle of the models
  • Ensuring the value for our users- close collaboration with stakeholders to understand business requirements and desired features through user stories
  • Onboarding and training of the user community
  • Traveling directly to the plants and gathering feedback from the user community

What is the ideal candidate’s previous experience?

  • Worked on ML projects for machinery in heavy industry
  • Productized ML models in cloud and on-premise
  • Demonstrated proficiency in change management, coaching and knowledge transfer to the user community

What knowledge and skills are needed to thrive in this role?

  • Proficiency in applied machine learning, encompassing skills in anomaly detection, regression analysis, time series analysis, probabilistic models, supervised classification, and unsupervised learning
  • Strong mathematical skillset (linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics)
  • Knowledge of scalable ML (MapReduce, streaming)
  • JavaScript (or any other OOP language) and prototyping languages such as Python and R
  • Knowledge in electrical engineering and cyber-physical systems
  • Data analysis and visualization (Jupyter, seaborne)

What will the Senior Reliability Data Scientist gain from this role?

  • Competitive compensation
  • An opportunity to work on cutting-edge products
  • Freedom to choose a preferred work model: work from home or from the office
  • Clear career path and great development opportunities within the company
  • An opportunity to work on a meaningful project, ensuring sustainability worldwide

If all of this sounds interesting to you and you are excited about the possibility of working towards more sustainable future, don’t hesitate to apply. We are eager to meet you!