Jaka Lounge is seeking a Senior Legal Expert for our client, an innovative investor in the field of property development and management. The company aims to expand its existing real estate assets and develop locations for business centers equipped with hospitality venues, ranging from distinguished restaurants to various support services sites.

As a Senior Legal Expert, you will be tasked with managing complex legal issues related to property law, M&A transactions, corporate affairs, and interactions with both related and unrelated parties within the company. In this role, you will report to and work closely with the Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs to provide legal support, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect the company’s interests in key business areas. Your expertise and experience will be instrumental in achieving successful business outcomes and in the efficient handling of legal matters in these domains.


Real Estate:

  • Overseeing legal aspects and drafting all required documents related to the company’s property, including addressing complex land registry entries, drafting documents regarding decisions of competent authorities related to property statuses, sales contracts, leases, investments, and real estate development. This role also involves interpreting and applying regulations in the field of urban planning, monitoring procedures for developing planning documents and site development, as well as effectively resolving all legal issues arising in these processes.
  • Monitoring current trends in property law, tracking and analyzing planning documents, and providing advice on location development.

M&A Transactions:

  • Participation in all stages of M&A transactions, including due diligence, contract negotiations, integration, and post-merger activities.
  • Providing legal support to management in risk assessment and transaction structuring.
  • Close collaboration with external advisors, lawyers, financial, and tax experts for successful completion of M&A transactions.

Corporate Affairs:

  • Providing strategic advice on corporate matters, including establishment of companies and or status changes of the companies, reorganization, ownership rights management, and decision-making processes.
  • Resolving corporate disputes, arbitration, and alternative methods of efficient dispute resolution, conducting corporate status changes, and other activities in the field of commercial law.
  • Monitoring legislative changes and implementing new regulations that impact the company’s corporate affairs.

Other legal affairs:

  • It involves drafting the most complex documents and advising management in other areas of law.

Required skills and experience:

• University Law degree.
• Passed Bar Exam.
• Rich relevant legal experience in real estate, M&A transactions, and corporate law.
• Proven track record of successfully managing complex legal matters and transactions.
• Experience working in a corporate legal department or a reputable law firm is preferred.
• Strong negotiation skills, analytical thinking, and attention to detail are essential.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with internal stakeholders, external partners, and management.
• Proficiency in computer skills – knowledge of legal research databases, document management systems, and the Microsoft Office suite.
• Excellent and fluent knowledge of English.

Highly valued skills and knowledge:

The application of regulations and procedures, as well as adept use of tools for reviewing electronic databases in the field of urban planning, are highly valued by the company due to its future development focus. This knowledge will enhance your ability to manage complex issues in development projects and align them with the company’s strategic goals.
A solid understanding of digital asset trends and technologies within the legal domain is considered advantageous, but not a mandatory requirement. Candidates with expertise in this area will find it beneficial in contributing to the company’s ongoing modernization efforts.

If this opportunity sounds exciting and you’d like to learn more about it, apply for this position. We are looking forward to meeting you!