Get a job with a LinkedIn profile

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Get a job with a LinkedIn profile

For anyone who starts looking for a job, the first or a new one, a profile on LinkedIn can help a lot, but only if it is properly made and visible.

LinkedIn is a global social network intended for business people. In addition to employees, many companies have official pages there, and therefore, in addition to connecting with colleagues and potential employers, you can find useful articles and job ads.

As one of the essential tools in the recruitment process, recruiters often use LinkedIn to search for adequate candidates for specific positions. During a search, they focus on several basic items, and we will present the most important aspects that your profile should cover:

Location: Make sure to set the exact location where you are interested in working, specify the country in which you reside.

Specify the exact job title you currently occupy, but also make a brief description of your most important responsibilities. The same job description is often called differently in different companies, so a job description will help recruiters understand what you do precisely.

Make sure that the name of the position and the period which you spent in each company match the information you have specified in your CV.

When you change your employer or position, change the data in your profile on time so that you do not get accidentally contacted for a workplace from which you progressed further a few years ago.

Specify languages you speak and the approximate level of your knowledge.

Specify keywords such as programs in which you work and skills, both technical or social that you have because these are the keywords that recruiters will use to seek for you.

Additional: Make your profile credible. Leave recommendations for colleagues you collaborate with or had an opportunity to cooperate in the past. Then ask them to write their experience in working with you. A good recommendation on LinkedIn can mean a lot, especially if you were recommended as a competent or diligent colleague and expert.

Show your interest in the area where you want to develop yourself: attend online courses in that area and attach your certificates.

Build your network: Connect with your colleagues, influential people from your industry, but also with people from HR, so you get on their radar.

Write articles and comments, show your knowledge in action, and the more active you are, the sooner you will get noticed by managers who can later offer you cooperation.

Even if you are not actively looking for a job right now, it is good to have an updated and active profile on this social network because when a wish or a need to change it occurs, you will be a step closer to a new offer. On the other hand, it is always good to be open to new opportunities, because there may be an opportunity only one InMail away from you.