Danijela Nikolić

People Experience Leader at Will Marlow

Although I have been in HR for almost 10 years, the training of the Academy for HR Operations of the Jaka Lounge agency was a very useful and positive experience for me. On the one hand, it is excellent as a refresher on certain topics, and on the other hand, you can learn a lot of new things – I had the opportunity to expand and enrich my knowledge in segments of human resources that I had not dealt with too much before in my career. The program covered a wide range of topics in just a few sessions, from legal basics and administration to onboarding and offboarding processes. I also deepened my understanding of personal data protection and monthly payroll. The group was very diverse, engaged and ready to exchange, and Milica as a trainer was very pleasant, approachable and tried to answer all questions. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to advance their career in the field of human resources or to gain knowledge on a specific topic in this field. Thanks for the valuable experience!

Mirjana Grbić

Office Manager at Easy Aerial Inc.

For me, the HR Operations Academy represents the foundation and the first step in my HR career. The concept was carefully designed to engage participants from the very beginning, motivating them to interact with each other, and creating an atmosphere that completely eliminates the feeling of online education. Apart from concrete and very meaningful lessons, the invaluable value of this academy comes from the exchange of experiences among the participants. Therefore, I think that the academy is very useful for both beginners and experienced people. The handbook that participants receive after the training is an excellent guide that every HR professional should have on hand at all times. I would also like to mention the very pleasant approach of the educator Milica, who knew exactly how to recognize the dynamics of the group and make our education very interesting and encourage us to be productive.

Marija Nikolić

Head of People at TradeCore

I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Jaka Lounge team’s Academy for HR Administration, and it was truly a valuable experience for me. The opportunity to exchange insights with colleagues from the industry provided me with a rich perspective on different practices, enhancing my understanding and contributing to my professional growth. The interactive nature of the entire program, emphasizing conversations and the exchange of opinions, made it an effective and engaging educational experience.

Beyond the collaborative discussions, the Academy for HR Administration offers an abundance of valuable information, knowledge, and resources. The meticulously organized material shared with participants after each session serves as a practical and comprehensive resource for future reference. The brilliant design and implementation of the academy’s moderation and dynamics further underscore the thoughtfulness put into its structure.

Given our longstanding and fantastic collaboration with Jaka Lounge on various projects, my expectations were high, and once again, they were exceeded. Everyone at Jaka Lounge feels like an integral part of our team. The unique value and distinctive touch they bring to our collaborations stem from an exceptional relationship, professional communication, and unparalleled commitment. It’s a testament to the fact that we are always in safe hands.

With Jaka Lounge, great results are consistently achieved, and without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend anything they create. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every endeavor, making them a reliable and outstanding partner.

Nemanja Milovanović

Senior Project Manager at Nordex Group

Approachable, friendly and at the same time very professional. Jaka team is great at creating a pleasant atmosphare while getting the best from the candidates. The team provided great support, comunicated clearly and in a timely manner during the entire process. It was my pleasure to cooperate with Jaka team.

Petar Jelača

Experienced Customer Service & Business Transformation Leader

I have worked with Jaka both as a candidate and as their client. And in both cases my experience was so different to the vast majority of other selection processes I have been a part of. They are not only true super dedicated professionals, they are also a bunch of super pleasant people who made sure my experience was a personalized one. They made sure they truly understood my company’s people, culture and business. But the same goes for getting to know not only the skillset but also the personalities of the candidates in any process! That way they’ve enabled the right and timely pipeline of candidates and whomever we’ve hired it was the right fit for the business and for the candidate as well. And we’ve all had fun and learned so much from Jaka during the process.

Bojana Obradović

Director of Digital Services at Will Marlow Agency

Our experience with Jaka Lounge has been nothing short of exceptional. Over the past three years, they have helped us find outstanding candidates and cultivate and protect the company culture. Tanja’s and Eta’s experience, professionalism, and the willingness of their team to go the extra mile have been integral to our success as a company. They have consistently provided expert assistance on all HR and recruitment matters and in that process, they have become our most important partner.We are deeply grateful for their partnership and would love to keep them as our secret weapon. However, we highly recommend Jaka Lounge to any organization seeking top-notch HR and recruitment support

Boris Berat

CEO at BrightMarbles

Jaka Lounge is a dedicated and supportive recruitment agency that has been of great value to us from the moment when the BrightMarbles was founded, in sourcing exceptional talent in the Software Development industry.
They understand the positions we are filling and they always present candidates with relevant expertise, experience and mindset. Offering a personal and transparent approach in their communication, they genuinely reflect BrightMarbles brand and company culture.
They are a delight to work with, and I would certainly recommend them without hesitation.

Barbara Petrović

Manager at IT BootCamp

Thanks Jaka Lounge for the support it gives to the nonprofit IT Bootcamp School. Training sessions for the QA course participants held by Iva Miljic are brilliantly designed. From generation to generation, students are delighted and believe that Iva’s training is essential when looking for jobs and internships. Her professionalism, accessibility and desire to help deserve nothing but praise and gratitude.

Jovana Dimitrijević

PDE Supervisor at Digitec Galaxus

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. After our very first conversation, they were able to recognize the type of candidate they had and to find an ideal job opportunity for me. They provided unconditional support during the entire selection process, but also later on, in my onboarding days. They really care about their candidates.

Ivan Stanković

Senior Accounting Manager at Hyperoptic

One of rare HR agencies which is following candidates with same level of dedication throughout the selection process constantly providing and seeking feedback. Interviewers are professional and well informed of clients’ needs and in that regard they are able to match candidates profile with clients’ needs.

Aleksandar Zabunović

General Manager Serbia at Digitec Galaxus

Working with Jaka has been a great experience for me as well as for my organization. Their personal touch to recruiting process is refreshing and so different from others. They are true professionals who listen to want you need and do their best to find the right candidate not only based on competences but culture as well. They feel like our extended family and have been there to support us not only in hiring process but developing as an organization as well.

Sandra Kapičić

HR Manager at Porto Montenegro

We collaborated with Jaka Lounge on several projects so far, and I could not be more pleased with the real partnership we built along the way.
They provided various trainings to our employees that exceeded all expectations and turned out to be a great learning experience. They seamlessly connected with our culture and employees at all levels resulting in the feedback from all sources to be 100% positive. The professionalism and quality of their facilitators, training content and support is second to none.
The Jaka Lounge team has my complete confidence whatever the challenge is, and I would certainly recommend them without any reservation.