Our training solutions are always customized and based on your specific needs. We believe that everyone is unique and has a specific learning appetite, so our offer is just a starting point for a good discussion about your development goals and ambitions. We promise we will be a good sparring buddy from a very early moment and try to help you show your maximum. Our years of expertise in facilitating specific learning experiences encouraged us to offer you help in these areas: LEADERSHIP, EXPERTS AND TALENT.


There are two crucial dimensions in our leadership programs design: seniority level and leader’s readiness to be challenged. Based on those two lines, we have created several programs aiming to accelerate development and bring maximum value to participants. Some of our key leadership programs are:

  • First time leader – The program aims to support successful onboarding into a new leadership role as a leader of others and make a fundamental mindset shift needed for lasting changes in leadership/management behavior.
  • LEAP program – is a program for leaders that are preparing to take the next step in their career. The program will provide the latest leadership concepts and challenge the current way of thinking.
  • Storytelling – It is a leader’s responsibility to depict the future and inspire their people and others to get there. Storytelling is the perfect vehicle to share that vision by describing the now and laying out the dream of how a company will achieve its goals.

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Expert Development

Our training programs for experts are designed for one purpose only: to boost specific competencies through practice and exercise. Training sessions are developed around adult learning principles and follow the latest trends in each of the topics they focus on. Some of our key programs for experts are:

  • Assertive communication – Assertiveness will encourage employees to communicate more effectively – to clearly and directly express what they think, feel and want, to stand for their rights while taking into account and respecting other people’s rights.
  • Presentation skills – This training will help employees to learn how to effectively present with maximum impact on their audience.
  • Facilitation skills – This program will help participants to understand the basic principles of effective meeting facilitation, to learn and to make commitments about what they will improve.

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Talent Development

We enjoy the most helping our clients’ businesses grow and prosper. That is why we created several specific development programs and processes that are listed here. Some of our best results are achieved when we join forces with our clients and create synergies by implementing these programs:

  • Mentoring program – With this program, you get a personal sparring partner to empower you to show the full potential of the current role and prepare for future challenges.
  • Shadowing program – Shadowing provides an individual with a unique opportunity to find out how other staff work and what their roles involve.
  • Mini-MBA program – Mini-MBA program prepares participants to move into more senior roles or functions away from their base education.

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Business in action

Sociodrama and Psychodrama set at the heart of practical training are based on creativity, spontaneity and action. This approach does not assume plain teaching and allows embedding of training principles into the very behavioural change.

In this respect, it differs from conventional training. Activating the participants’ ability to listen and understand others is only a dimension of this approach, yet the critical differentiator is the ability to create a permanent change in participants’ attitude and skills.

Sociodrama and Psychodrama boost training effects and help make persistent behavioural changes of the participants. With this methodology, you do not need to wait to observe results. Change emerges during this training program in many cases.