Today it seems that the ability to successfully manage and govern your learning and development efforts inside your company is a critical capability for any long-term business success.

Strategic Learning & Development

It is clear that the ability to quickly acquire new skills and knowledge in the ever-changing business environment is a determining factor between ultimate success and failure of companies.

To fully materialize your business ambitions and make your business sustainable in the long run, it is essential that you create a meaningful connection between your business goals and capability requirements to achieve them.

Jaka Lounge Learning and Development Framework offers a powerful yet simple platform for implementation and execution on L&D strategy which is inextricably linked with an ability to successfully deliver on your business ambitions.

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Performance Management with OKRs

Want to focus on what’s important and set up the bar even higher than before for you and your team? We can help you to set up a good foundation for the future by implementing simple, yet powerful Objectives and Key Results (OKR), practice from world best companies like Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Performance management is a set of practices and tools that helps companies orientate in a fast-paced business environment. We can help you set up an easy and effective process with these simple elements:

  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR): Set ambitious Objectives and measurable Key Results perfectly aligned with company’s strategy. Make sure that your everyday work supports what a company (and your team) aims to achieve.
  • Update Dialogues: Utilize all the opportunities the two-way interaction can provide between you and your manager: learn to give and receive effective feedback.
  • Review meetings: See how your performance and future possibilities look in light of the company’s ambitions.
  • Talent management: Use the performance process to create development opportunities for you and your organization. Keep track of what is happening in the organization. Check how your progress and career ambitions could be best utilized and aligned with your company’s objectives.

With our help, you can turn the administrative hassle of a regular evaluation process into a powerful tool for managing your own progress and take full ownership of your development. Have an idea? Let’s talk!