Employees registration

Every employee needs to be registered in the official government institutions so your business could run smoothly. We can help you either by completing the whole documentation per each employee or by training your office manager/HR assistant to do it on his/her own.

Forms and documents

For each employee you have to create a clean and precise documentation so you could track records and plan your future with your coworkers. We will support you in giving you complete list of documentation needed for successful running of HR administration. We will provide you with every template, form or document.

Legal Documentation

Contracts, annexes, systematization of employees per each position are requested by the law. Besides that you probably have to prepare some HR or HC budgets, analysis or reports. Whatever kind of template or analysis you need, we are here to support you.

Recruitment & Selection

When you need a replacement for the employee who was promoted or left your company or just looking to expand your team, we will provide you with complete support on this matter. We can create and publish the job ad, screen received applications, make telephone screenings, interview candidates and present you the most suitable ones.

Direct Search

If you need a professional with proven track record of success in some specific area, we will search the market and contact only the best candidates who fit to your needs. You just have to say your requirements and in a short notice you will get results from us!

Training and development

Whatever kind of support your team has due to the wish of improvement, we are there for you!